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Lectures from OECD: Mega-trends, culture in a digital age, and creative city agenda

The materials from the 3rd edition of the Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and Local Development by OECD Trento Centre, tsm–Trentino School of Management and the European Creative Business Network (ECBN)

2020 Focus: Joining forces to shape the future

What can we learn from past experiences? How can Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) help people and places to better address the new challenges brought about by climate change, globalisation, demographic change and technological breakthroughs?

For several decades, cities and regions across the world have been successfully mobilising cultural and creative resources to address societal challenges, regenerate the economy, create new identities and promote inclusion.

SACCI 2020 took stock of past CCIs policies and culture-led development initiatives and looked to the future, by focusing on how to reshape CCIs policies in view of the challenges posed by megatrends.

In particular, this edition of the Summer Academy examined how the creativity of artists and CCIs’ entrepreneurs, cross-overs with other sectors and the use of new technologies could spur innovation in process, products and services in various fields such as health and well-being, social cohesion, environment protection, urban renewal, education and skills. The new forms of governance required to deliver such innovation were also part of the discussion.

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