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EDUCRO challenges cultural actors and products

International Business students at LAB University of Applied Sciences were challenged to develop new types of cultural products for the Lappeenranta-Imatra area. The assignment was part of a course called Value through Innovations and Service Design. Initially, a 12-hour brainstorming and innovation day was held, during which international student teams worked on ideas for two different assignments. The clients were the Lappeenranta Museums and Imatra Base Camp. At the end of the day, the students presented seven ideas that were further developed over the following weeks by means of service design. Finally, the student teams presented their solution to the jury and the winner was one Lappeenranta museum development proposal and the second place was the Imatra Base Camp solution. Representatives of the EDUCRO project were present on the jury and awarded the winning team.

The EDUCRO project seeks and develops new products in the cultural and tourism sector. In innovation, the challenge for museums was how to reach and attract young people to museums and thereby increase the number of museum clients. Students planned audio tours of museums for different client groups and came up with different tasks for the holiday of museum tours. For the younger audience, the Tik-Tok app for sharing short videos was suggested as a channel. It distributes informative and participatory videos of museum exhibitions, events and other activities. The students also urged cultural actors to expand their activities without prejudice beyond the actual location.

Imatra Base Camp organizes services related to tourism and sports, such as the first snow track. The challenge was how to streamline sales and engage customers with Base Camp products and brand. For Imatra Base Camp, LAB’s International Business students planned events to network between educational institutions and companies while playing sports. QR codes are used as a technical familiarization tool throughout the sales process. Suggestions for development were also made on the Imatra Base Camp website. Students also made good suggestions for developing websites through, for example, storytelling, quizzes and streaming.