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Creative ways into the world – Chance or strategy?

Fri 29th of May at 10-12am (CEST+1)    at Creve Zoom

Does your company target the international market now or in the future?


At the Creve seminar you will hear examples of companies that have succeeded in the international market and get to interview entrepreneurs who have faced international challenges: You will hear the stories of companies that have succeeded in internationalization from different perspectives.

Speakers at the webinar will be Susanna Halla and Andrew Shaw.

Susanna Halla, Owner & Ceo, Hallaus Architects and Brand owner, Startup entrepreneur, Zenestar (

To build creative export consortia – why & how to do it?

Susanna Halla is an entrepreneur and internationally awarded designer, who has genuine interest in wellbeing and healthy environments. Susanna is the owner of customer oriented and innovative renovation company Hallaus Architecs as well the brand owner of Zenestar. Zenestar wellness innovation is a combination of wellness space and virtual SaunaFlow- exercise programmes. In her presentation Susanna Halla will be covering creative business models and the importance of building the right team.

Andrew Shaw, Founder & CEO, Gastronomics (

Taking a new product to market

Andrew is a branding & marketing specialist with 15 years in the hotel & restaurant sector, opening new hotels and restaurants. He began his career with Saatchi & Saatchi in London, as a planner & data analyst. Past ventures include being co founder of a well-regarded UK design studio, Wash Design, as well as a U.S. clothing retail business.

The recommended way to participate is through a mobile device using Creve application. Creve app can be downloaded from Google Play and AppleStore with keyword Creve. The seminar starts at 10:00 am (CEST+1)

The seminar is held in the Zoom online environment and there is open access to the free event, registration is required:


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The event is free for everyone, but registration is required.

The language of the event is Finnish. For any questions and concerns call or email.

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