AXiiO Oy

AXiiO Oy is an innovative VR production house based in Helsinki, Finland that synthesizes theater and cinema with the newest VR techniques. Our main focus is on the storytelling in VR — narrative films and animations for all ages. Using our proprietary technology for embedding stereoscopic video with live actors (instead of animated 3D characters) into a virtual 3D environment, we create unique artistic VR content. This immersion in the atmosphere of an art work deepens the emotional experience in the story. The idea is to build a product/collaboration around our technology, which includes high-quality film / video-type artistic 3D projects in virtual reality aimed at B2B (companies, communities) and B2C target groups. The utilization targets of the new service product are e.g. the film industry, the cultural industry, the tourism industry, the museum industry and companies and organizations that want to offer their customers new experiences.

Contact details:

Elli Niaria

[email protected]
+358 40 744 8055
Hämeentie 135 A, Helsinki XR CENTER
00560 Helsinki


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