Art-manor “Kaykino 10”

Art-manor “Kaykino 10” – a creative space 75 km from the center of St. Petersburg, where modern art projects are born, open-airs, master classes and exhibitions take place. Here representatives of different spheres of culture and non-commercial activities meet, following the Nature leads to artistic research and creation.

NGO “Kaykino Creative Projects” is multidisciplinary cultural center for the development of art, individual creativity and creative industries in small areas.

Our services:

  • resource Center in the field of socio-cultural projecting;
  • training and consulting in the areas of management, marketing and business development in creative areas and tourism;
  • graphic and web-design, digital printing services.
  • Studio DESIGNSELO creates art and craft objects (sculpture, interior products, gifts).


NGO “Kaykino Creative Projects” +7 962
721 73 51,


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